Listen To This: "Look Both Ways" - Egg with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo (World Premiere)

LookBothWays.JPGThe last time the LA band of pop-rockers Egg hooked up with kid-hop star Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, the result was the very winning "I Like Fruit". Now the two of them are back together once more and it's just as fun, methinks. Egg brings the ska, Skidoo brings the hip-hop, and both parts will have the family bouncing, if not their whole bodies then at least their heads.

EggBandPhoto.JPGThe genesis of the song? In return for Egg mastermind Jeff Fuller giving 23 Skidoo "I Like Fruit" to remix as he'd like, Skidoo gave Fuller an idea to write for Egg - "Look both ways. Not just at street corners but in life." Fuller returned the song back to Skidoo, which he cut up and used parts from for his upcoming single "Road Trip." That's collaboration. (And "Look Both Ways" will also end up on the next Egg disk as well.)

Anyway, however you, er, look at it, here for a limited time, courtesy of Egg, you can stream download it (just send an e-mail to "lookbothways AT eggmusic DOT net," which is an autoreply address that'll get you the URL to download the track). Enjoy.

Egg w/ Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "Look Both Ways"

(Note: I'm pretty sure "Look Both Ways" has been played before -- I just don't think it's this version...)