Coal Train Railroad -- Their Podcast Is (Almost) a Series

CoalTrainRailroad.jpgI finally had a chance to listen to the first Coal Train Railroad podcast this week. Good stuff that I think'll keep the kiddos interested -- they played "Bicycle" by the Jellydots, talked with some Nashville-area kids about bikes, and then wrapped it up with a really cool version of "Bicycle" performed by Coal Train Railroad themselves. (Now how about having Coal Train cover another kids artist with a video from Readeez? -- there's precedence for it.) More of that, please.

Anyway, listen here or subscribe via iTunes here. Podcast #2 is due out this weekend.

To get you in the mood for CTR's jazz ("short sets for the short set"), why not listen to the debut disk right here...

<a href="">All Aboard by Coal Train Railroad</a>