Randy Kaplan: The Kids Are All Id (and Orange-y)

TheKidsAreAllId.jpgThe idea of a "release date" in the music industry is a slippery one these days -- is it when you start selling the disks at shows? When it shows up on iTunes? When you tell a major magazine it is so it meets their 4-month lead time? No matter when it's released, there's definitely some anticipation for Randy Kaplan's new disk The Kids Are All Id. If features the by-now-standard Kaplan approach of mixing standards and buried classics with original songs that tell stories in Kaplan's unique style. It also features some really cool cover art, about which Kaplan reports:

I did all the drawings of the faces and my designer in Paris, Laurent Rivelaygue, created the overlapping collage. The cover was originally yellow but my friend Michelle said it was too close to Five Cent Piece. So I asked for orange and teal and I chose the orange one.
Anyway, I dig it.

If you want to read more, Jeff over at Out With the Kids talked with Randy a little while back.

And while you'll have an opportunity to see Randy on the east coast a few times, I'm happy to report that he's coming back to Phoenix again next month, this time at my series at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. He'll be playing a couple of sets on June 13 at 10:30 and 11:30 AM.

Track listing and a sneak preview of one track after the jump...
1. My Little Laugh
2. The Hebrew-Speaking Bear (Heave Ho!)
3. Little Bee
4. The Kid Is All Id
5. The Money Song
6. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
7. The Derby Ram
8. This Guy
9. Don't You Leave Me Here
10. Is She a Girl or Is She a Monkey -- Randy's pet monkey Kqxhc - of "No Nothing" fame - "gives Randy a piece of his mind"
11. Whistle For Willie *
12. Dream Hat *
13. I Like Cacti * (see below)
14. Papa Ling's Tune
15. Joe and Finn
16. Dreamin'
17. Forever Young -- I realize it's hard to screw up Dylan, but Kaplan does a really nice version of this...

* Based Ezra Jack Keats' children's books.

Here's Randy performing "I Like Cacti" here in Phoenix last year...