Justin Roberts Hits the Big (Small) Time

The kids music world was abuzz today with the news of a Time magazine article on kindie rock, which, though brief, gives shout-outs to Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Recess Monkey, and Justin Roberts. (There's an accompanying photo gallery with stock photos of a few more artists as well.)

I know that the original article was much longer (and I'm sure more insightful) but most of it got stripped away in the editing process so what's left is little more than another "did you know that people make music for kids?" article. (Again, not the fault of the author, who spent a lot of time talking to folks last week.) In the end, I wonder how much impact it'll really have on the genre.

So it's nice that Time was willing to put together the video clip below, filmed at Kindiefest and which focuses mostly on Roberts. Maybe the nicest thing of all? The shout-out Roberts gives to Ella Jenkins at the end of the piece.