Share: "Zudio" - Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem

ManyHandsTempCover.jpgA lot of Zooglobble readers probably already know about Many Hands: Family Music from Haiti, the compilation produced by Dean Jones and released on the newly-formed Spare the Rock Records label. It's got a crazy-good lineup -- Dan Zanes, Pete Seeger, Elizabeth Mitchell, They Might Be Giants, and tons more -- and will benefit the Haitian People's Support Project, which supports nutritional and educational programs in orphanages, schools, and temporary shelters throughout Haiti.

Almost all of the music is new, and if the rest is as good as the free track from Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem that they're offering, it's gonna be a splendid disk. Rani and her band turn in a swinging version of "Zudio." Some of you may recognize it as "Sodeo" from one of Raffi's early, classic disks. I really like his version, but I like this one from the front, from the back, and the side side side. Stream or download the mp3 here.