Happy Birthday, Pete Seeger!

PeteSeeger_Ballads.jpgNinety-one years old today. I'm pretty sure that looking up the phrase "national treasure" in the dictionary will turn up a picture of Pete Seeger. 91 years old, and he's coming out with a new album on July 27 called Tomorrow's Children on Appleseed Recordings. Recorded with kids.

Trying to pick a single YouTube clip to celebrate his birthday is darn near impossible, so we'll go with this old clip in which he teaches folks how to play "Skip To My Lou" on the banjo. He says it's not skill that's important, but passion. The spirit of Pete hovered over KindieFest this weekend, that's for sure... Happy Birthday, Pete.

By the way, if you want to listen to a 2-hour concert featuring the whole Seeger clan (including the late Mike Seeger, plus Peggy Seeger and Pete, of course) -- check out this recording from the Library of Congress).