Radio Playlist: New Music May 2010

Time once more to add some new music to the Zooglobble Radio Station. This playlist airs in the mid-afternoons (West Coast time) and includes tracks from some of the disks that have crossed my desk over the few weeks (that Macaroons album has been there awhile, but, yeah). There are some tracks from forthcoming albums -- Recess Monkey, Justin Roberts, StarFish, Dream Jam Band, Dirty Sock Funtime Band (who I now think should totally form a supergroup with the Dream Jam Band so they can call themselves the Dirty Dream Sock Jam Funtime Band). Even if you can't listen in the afternoon, the tracks are scattered throughout the day, too.

My Brother is a Satellite - Recess Monkey (The Final Funktier)
Obsessed by Trucks - Justin Roberts (Jungle Gym)
The Kid Is All Id - Randy Kaplan (The Kids Are All Id)
Clap Your Hands - Gwendolyn And The Good Time Gang (Clap Your Hands)
Cookies And Milk - The Royal Order Of Chords And Keys (Punk Rock, One Sock!!!)
6th Grade Band - Sugar Free Allstars (Funky Fresh And Sugar Free)
Arabella Angelique - Grenadilla (Grenadilla)
I'm A Monkey - Candy Band (High Five)
Boing - The Dream Jam Band (Leave It In The Soup)
Follow The Fence - The Hammond Sisters (Blue Sky Lullaby)
Flying on Matzoh Brei - The Macaroons (Let's Go Coconuts!)
Cloudbusting - Neil Halstead (Sing Me To Sleep - Indie Lullabies (LTD Edition))
Who's My Pretty Baby - The Sweet Colleens (The Monkey Dance: All The Kids Are Doin' It!)
The Ba-Bap Ba Bum Song - Eric Ode (Seven Clever Pirates)
Tikki Tikki Tembo - Cory Hills (The Lost Bicycle)
Dream Of The Clown - The Dirty Sock Funtime Band (Sock-A-Delic)
Spread Your Wings - StarFish (Enter Sandbox)
Duckie - Libby Kirkpatrick (Sweet Songs)

Due to internet radio restrictions, the playlist is in shuffle mode on the station -- songs are listed here in random order as well.