You Cannot Slow Down Library Kids Music Festivals, You Can Only Hope to Contain Them

Rhythm_Words.jpgBut really, why would you?

Earlier this year it was the Tricycle Music Fest, a production of the San Francisco Public Library system. It took over from the original Tricycle Music Fest, a production of the Charlotte, Mecklenburg County library system in North Carolina. That Fest is currently on hiatus, which could very well be the result of a loss of grant or municipal funding, both of which have likely taken a hit in the current economic environment.

And while San Francisco's fest will have a second go-round this October, there's still that whole 3,000-mile swath of land between the coasts. Luckily, Minnesota has stepped into the gap. (Yay, Minnesota!) The library system of Dakota County (suburban Minneapolis) is putting on Rhythm and Words on June 12, featuring authors and musicians from the Twin Cities' nascent kids music scene. Bunny Clogs, Clementown, and the Sweet Colleens, among others, will be performing, along with authors (including Lunch Lady creator Jarrett J. Krosoczka (who knows a thing or two about kids music and book festivals).

Clearly, this is the type of thing that requires backing of some sort -- a donor, advertising, in the case of this festival a portion of a dedicated tax. But it's proof that it still can be done, even these days...