Kindiefest 2010: Jon Samson

JonSamson_KF.jpgI feel like Jon Samson got the short end of my Kindiefest stick -- I was late getting back inside Littlefield to hear the beginning of his set, and midway through recording one of his songs on video, the batteries in my camera gave up the ghost.

So that's why you only get 1:45 of video, of the twisty (lyrically) "Right Now." Samson's music was by far the most overtly "educational" of any of the acts performing at Kindiefest, but he definitely knows his way around a melody and a hook and had a solid band backing him up. "Educational" music isn't necessarily for everyone's tastes, but you could do (you probably have done) far, far worse.

Samson's set was emblematic, even, of Kindiefest in general for me this year -- there was so much going on, with so many people, that it was completely impossible to hear everything or talk to everyone. Folks I spent significant amounts of time chatting with last year I barely talked to in passing. Luckily, others caught what I couldn't, so since I missed the last 3 acts of the Sunday showcase so I could hightail it back across the country, you can read, for example, Jeff Cohen's summary (and video) of Ralph Covert, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, and the Royal Order of Chords and Keys.

Enjoy, then, the last video from my collection....

Jon Samson (CoCreative Music) - "Right Now" (Live at Kindiefest 2010) [YouTube]