Kindiefest 2010: Sugar Free Allstars

SFA_KF1.jpgAt some point during the Sugar Free Allstars set at Kindiefest, I turned to the person standing next to me -- at that point in the set we were all standing -- and said, "Hard to believe they generate that much from just two guys." And it's true -- it's not that Chris Wiser and Rob Martin are playing 3 instruments each, it's just that they get the maximum sound out of their organ and drums.

They both also worked hard, Wiser especially, to get the crowd dancing, Wiser exhorting folks to stand up and wringing every last bit of energy out of their funky 17-minute (20-minute?) set. How much energy did they have? They finished the set quickly enough that they had time for an extra song. They also had time to pull Jeni Cosgrove, Mindy Thomas, and Jeff Bogle up to show their disco moves on "SFA Disco Dance Party" (picture below).

Sugar Free Allstars - "Cars and Trucks" [YouTube] (watch Mr. Leebot and the guys from Recess Monkey, among others, follow along to Wiser's instructions)