Please Release Me: April 2010 Edition

It's been quite some time since I've done one of these, but I thought it'd be worthwhile to run down what the kids and family music world can look forward to here in the next few months... Lots and lots of stuff...

Sugar Free Allstars: Funky Fresh & Sugar Free (April 30)
Princess Katie & Racer Steve: Tiny Cool (May 4)
Randy Kaplan: The Kids Are All Id (May 14)
Billy Kelly: Is This Some Kind of Joke? (mid-May)
Justin Roberts: Jungle Gym (June 8)
StarFish: Enter Sandbox (June 1): My favorite album title of the year thus far...
Recess Monkey: The Final Funktier (June 15)
Putumayo Kids (Various Artists): Rock 'n' Roll Playground (June 15): Features Dan Zanes, Peter Himmelman, Uncle Rock, and Charity and the JAMband, among others.
The Not-Its: Time Out To Rock (July 6)
Frances England: Title TBA (the album has a tentative title, but I'm going to wait a bit...) (Early fall): Says Frances:

"We were lucky to have Tor Hyams produce this CD, and he kept the mood high - we had so much fun recording these songs, and I think that comes through in the sound. It's definitely the most upbeat, swinging thing we've ever done. There are 15 tracks with topics ranging from road trip pleasures, to bicycle love songs, to building log cabins in the woods, to the remarkable Jacques Cousteau."
Flannery Brothers: Title TBA (September): Theme is "exploring," apparently
Jamie Broza: I Wanna Dog (October)
Caspar Babypants: This Is Fun! (Nov. 2) "I think this album will be very upbeat and silly," says Chris Ballew...
Elizabeth Mitchell: Sunny Day (TBA 2010)

Others working on albums with potential 2010 releases? Lunch Money and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo at the bare minimum...