Songs For Gardening and Farming

Today they’re breaking ground on the south lawn of the White House for a vegetable garden, per Michelle Obama, and involving local school children in the planting, maintaining and harvesting:

This garden will grow organic produce to be used in the White House kitchen. How cool is that??? Obviously, they are trying to set a national example for all of us to follow. I was thinking it might be nice if you opened a list of garden-related or veggie-related or good-food related songs for today, or some day, in celebration of spring and this new direction. Songs I can think of off the top o’ my head:

The Lonely Tomato—Central Services Board of Education
Hey All You Farmers—Johnny Bregar, Hootenanny
From Scratch—Justin Roberts, Pop Fly
Mr. Bell’s Garden—Raffi, Bananaphone

Poetry in Nature:
One last plug...
Springtime is when local farmers need sign ups for their summer CSA programs. Our CSA farm share (we sign up to get a bag of fresh, organic veggies every week) is one of the things I most look forward to in the summer. If you're in Maine, please take a moment to check out my friend Reba's organic CSA. If you're in another part of the country and want to find a farm share, or if you just want to learn about how CSAs work, please check out my recent blog post about Community Supported Agriculture.