Share: "Saint Patrick's Day" - The Speks

You probably don't need much more than general Irish music to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your kids. The adults would prefer an adult libation or two, and I can't help you with that. But in case you're looking for something ever-so-slightly more kids-focused, here's a free mp3 from Irish band The Speks. "Saint Patrick's Day" is an original song which, according to the band, is "based on a section of the traditional Irish figure dance called the High Caul Cap. For the song's finale we play a traditional Irish reel called Captain Kelly's." I dig the end the most, but it's a fun tune that I also think would be of interest and use to early childhood educators. Stream (or download the mp3 for the price of an e-mail address) below...

<a href="">Saint Patrick's Day by The Speks</a>

Also: their debut album Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island - Volume 1 is on sale digitally for just $1.99 here. If you're at all interested in Irish music appropriate for kids, it's definitely worth it at that price.