New Recess Monkey World Premiere. Just Like Friday Night Videos. Except It's During the Day. And Doesn't Involve Videos.

RecessMonkeyKevinFrylowres.jpgBut other than that, just like it.

Anyway, for those of you eager to get your first taste of Recess Monkey's upcoming album The Final Funktier, stop by here on Friday when I'll be world premiering one of the tracks from the album, the alliteratively-titled "Constellation Conga." As band manager Mayor Monkey described it last week: "Hey all you planets: Get in line! It’s time to dance!"

Anyway, I'm just kicking off Recess Monkey's takeover of the kids music world -- check out the entire world premiere lineup...

Friday, 3/26: Zooglobble: "Constellation Conga"
Friday, 3/26, 5pm EST/2pm PST Absolutely Mindy: "Jet Pack"
Saturday, 3/27 8-10am EST: Spare the Rock: "How Do You Build a Robot"
Saturday, 3/27 8-10am EST: Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl: "Ukulalien"
Sunday, 3/28: Gooney Bird Kids: "My Brother is a Satellite"

Band photo by Kevin Fry