Justin Roberts' Jungle Gym: Sarajo Frieden's Album Art

JG_(CS07)_back1.jpgI've been trying not to publish album art and tracklists unless it's a really big deal.

Well, a new album -- Jungle Gym -- from Justin Roberts is a really big deal. I know, Jeff already published the tracklist (which you see also there to the left), but I also wanted to be able to share some album art, which Roberts was kind enough to do. The lovely cover art (as always) from Sarajo Frieden, along with a story from Justin about recording one of the tracks, follows...
JG_(CS07)-1.jpg1. We Go Duck
2. Sleepoverland
3. Trick or Treat
4. Sign My Cast
5. Gym Class Parachute
6. Obsessed by Trucks
7. Cardboard Box
8. Snow Day
9. Never Getting Lost
10. New Haircut
11. Fire Drill
12. 2 x 4

Regarding "Gym Class Parachute," Roberts notes:

We were [all] recording the snare hits in Gym Class Parachute because Liam [Davis] wanted to get the sound of several people hitting the snare simultaneously. Since some of us had no business being anywhere near percussion instruments, it sounds like a giant marching band which is really perfect for the track."
Jungle Gym is out on Carpet Square Records on June 8th.