The Top Kids Music Albums of All Time Poll: Results Introduction

TopKidsAlbumsLogo.jpgI'm about to post the first part of results from the Top Kids Music Albums of All Time Poll, and I wanted to start off by thanking everyone who voted lo these many months ago. Nearly 90 folks submitted ballots, which I thought was an excellent response. And I also want to thank everyone for their patience while I compiled these results.

One note on the results I'll be presenting here. The rules I outlined in my original post asked people to vote for 10 albums, with point ratings from 1 to 10, but people could submit fewer than 10 albums with points reduced accordingly. As I received votes, however, I realized a couple things:
1) The disparity between a tenth place vote and a first place vote was far too large
2) By permitting one- or two-vote ballots (albeit at a discounted value), it didn't discourage persons who wanted to specifically promote one artist at the cost of all others.

So, prior to tabulating votes, I decided to change the scoring methodology as follows:
1) Rather than scoring votes from 1 to 10, I scored votes from 18 to 27. (There was a justification for selecting that range, but it's not worth getting into.)
2) I disqualified all ballots with fewer than five votes.

I will be describing the top 25 albums using the revised methodology, but will publish (after the full results are revealed) both sets of results.

So I hope you enjoy the results. There are a lot of familiar faces, a few (relatively) unfamiliar ones, and a lot of time both in the voting and in the compiling. Enjoy.