Share: "Little Lamb Jam" - Oran Etkin with Charenee Wade

JazzPlayground.jpgNext month sees the release of Putumayo's latest kid-friendly release, Jazz Playground, and to promote the disk, they're offering a free download (well, free except for giving up an e-mail address) of the swingin' minor-key "Little Lamb Jam" by Oran Etkin with Charenee Wade on vocals -- go here directly to sign up.

You can also click on the Jazz Playground link above to hear the first 3 tracks from the album, including one of my favorite jazz-for-kids artists, gypsy jazz swing man Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats (see my review of his disk from a couple years ago here). Chris McKhool's take on "Spider-Man" is pretty cool, and it's hard to go wrong with the Cuban jazz of Jose Conde "Cumbamba."

Full track listing after the jump
Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats "Stomp, Stomp"
Chris McKhool "Spider-Man"
Jose Conde "Cumbamba"
Triocéphale • Sur Le Pont d'Avignon"
Oran Etkin with Charenee Wade "Little Lamb Jam"
Kinderjazz "Gazooba"
Barbara Morrison "Sing a Song of Sixpence"
Trapperdetrap "Zuignapje"
Selloane with Famoro Dioubaté "Shortnin' Bread"
The Mighty Buzzniks "Agree & Disagree"
Gui Tavares "Dois Meninos"
Modern Conya "Oyatsu no Jikan"
Ingrid Lucia "This Little Light of Mine"