Video: "Tap Dancer" - Molly Ledford (Lunch Money)

molly-cookie-head.jpgOh, sure, you can go check out Molly Ledford: Songs, the new song blog from Lunch Money songwriter extraordinaire Molly Ledford. 'Cuz, yeah, there are lots of cool songs there. But my favorite unreleased track from Molly thus far isn't even on the blog. It's called "Tap Dancer" -- you can watch and listen to it below. Molly notes that it won't be on the upcoming Lunch Money disk Original Friend but that "it will be on something eventually."

I really dig the bluesy turn the bridge takes. And I think more kids songs should use the word "Arabesque." I should use the word "Arabesque."

Molly Ledford (Lunch Money) - "Tap Dancer"

Tapdancer from Jay Barry on Vimeo.