Concert Recap: Doug Snyder (Phoenix, February 2010)

Doug_electric.jpgBecause of the local nature of the show, I didn't bother letting you national readers know about Doug Snyder's trip to Phoenix to play some shows here in the Valley of the Sun. Wouldn't want you to get all jealous and leave in a huff, of course. But play he did, returning to the Children's Museum of Phoenix and making his first appearance at the Church of the Beatitudes Not Just for Kids concert series.

At Sunday's show at the NJFK series, Doug played a wide range of his Jellydots tunes, and I nicely spaced out my video coverage to capture 'em all... (See, I told you not to leave in a huff.) This one's from the forthcoming Jelly Jukebox disk. (Sorry, though, I didn't capture his take on the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star," nor our excellent "OH-wah-OH"s pre-chorus.)

Doug Snyder (The Jellydots) - "O Bounty" (Live) [YouTube]

Three more videos after the jump, including a rare Jellydots song (at least, live)...
Doug Snyder (The Jellydots) - "Sunshine" (Live)

Doug Snyder (The Jellydots) - "Pretty Little Baby" (Live)... such a sweet little song, and I've not heard Doug play this one live.

Doug Snyder (The Jellydots) - "Bicycle" (Live)