Share: "Home Run Ronnie" - Debbie and Friends

Today's free tune comes courtesy of Debbie and Friends, who's releasing her (their) second album, More Story Songs and Sing Alongs on March 30. For the price of an e-mail, you can get a free mp3 of "Home Run Ronnie," which mixes some '70s-era pop-rock with a story song about, well, you can probably guess the sport (March 30 is a particularly apropos date, no?). Just when you think the story's getting a little too schmaltzy, Ronnie starts talking and pulls it back ever-so-gently from the edge.

And, if you want to hear the song first, here's a storyboarded version of the upcoming video for the song.
Debbie and Friends - "Home Run Ronnie" (rough animation) [YouTube]

For that matter, watch all of the D&F videos here (I always did like "Hangin' Around"):