Christmas 2010 Family Music, Part 2

You know, I was going to just update my original Christmas music post, but it's clear that too much stuff is being released as singles or on YouTube -- it'd make that post unwieldy. So here's the second post. (It won't be the last, either -- more stuff is on its way.)

KindieChristmas.jpgThe Hipwaders' Kindie Christmas was one of last year's crop of excellent Christmas CDs. They've made the jangly "Wake Up" a free download for a limited time -- pick it up here. (Remember the video? Good stuff.)

This video from DidiPop is almost ridiculously cute. It's lo-fi animation but in all the right ways.

DidiPop - "Let's Make Santa Happy Tonight" [YouTube]

It's not a Christmas song, but as soon as I saw that Charity and JAMband was giving a song called "Loving Kindness" away as a free download this month, I thought it'd be perfect. It's based on a Buddhist practice, but I think it's totally appropriate for the season. Go here for the song and activities, or just grab the song below.

Putumayo Kids is offering a free download of "Jolly Old St. Nick" from the always interesting Brave Combo for the price of an e-mail address (here). It's from last year's A Family Christmas.

Finally, last week Brooklyn represented for Hanukkah -- this week, they turn their attention to Christmas. Dan Zanes turns in a very peaceful rendition of what he says is his favorite song of the season, "Silent Night." It's a very simple version (and video), but I like how Zanes retains my favorite part of the song when sung at a church service, and that's how the instrumental accompaniment virtually disappears on the last verse.

Dan Zanes - "Silent Night" [YouTube]

The Deedle Deedle Dees' Lloyd Miller also has put up some Christmas-related songs up on YouTube, including "Silent Night" (a little bit faster than Dan's) and "Jingle Bells". But I thought his version of "We Three Kings" on a very fuzzed-out bass was most unique. "Awesome," indeed.

Lloyd Miller - "We Three Kings of Orient Are" [YouTube]