The Ketchup Report, Vol. 4

Here's a roundup of some stuff that's crossed my desk over the past week or two...

First off, there's not one but two Kickstarter-like approaches to fund kids music albums. The first is from The LMNOPs, a new project from Missouri musician Zach Reasoner. While I think you know my position re: using the phrase "parents won't hate" as it pertains to kids music (in case you're not -- old and tired), I think the music shows definite promise. An alphabet song and fun video below, or check out "Happy To Be Me" here.

Also, Chicago musician Jeanie B is also taking the crowdfunding route via IndieGoGo -- details here.

Not to let Seattle's Kindiependent outdo them, San Francisco band Octopretzel is curating and hosting "The Patchwork Series," a new family-music and entertainment series at Berkeley's beloved Freight and Salvage. The series will feature 3 collaborative shows featuring Charity and the JAMband, the Alphabet Rockers, Rudy Trubitt, The Hipwaders, Octopretzel, and more. Details to come. (Octopretzel, incidentally, also funded their upcoming album via Kickstarter.)

Readeez' Michael Rachap has always been on the forefront of innovation in the family music biz, so I'm not surprised he's trying out his Omneez digital video downloads, which are digital versions of his popular Readeez DVDs. To entice you, curious reader, he's offering a free 14-minute "Appetizer" featuring a dozen of his videos. Free for the price of an e-mail, plus you get to see the wave of the future. DVDs are so five years ago. Download it at the Omneez link above.

I'll have more about Doctor Noize in the new year -- 2011: The Year of Noize -- but for now maybe you just want to check out the new "Bananas" app for your kids. Including 20 minutes of new music, now just $0.99 for a limited time. (And check out the new video here. Unless you'd rather not be singing "Ba-Na-Na" for the rest of the day.)

Also, it's a little late for Boxing Day, but Matt Clark offered up his take on a box song (following the footsteps of Recess Monkey and Justin Roberts) with "Cardboard Box" -- watch his live take here.

Finally, I've mentioned the new Luv Clowns album... here's a new video for a song that's entirely unlike "K.I.D.S." -- "Noodle and Cuckoo in the Noodle." Not a power chord to be heard, but kinda sweet in a low-fi, slightly askew way.

Luv Clowns - "Noodle and Cuckoo in the Noodle" [YouTube]