Listen To This: "People Really Like Milk" (Wilson High School Chorale)

While the impact of the chattering classes versus that of the actual creative community should be viewed as minimal, I'd like to think that I'm at the maximum end of that minimal impact for Billy Kelly's brilliant "People Really Like Milk." (See here.) So I feel a bit proud and a bit protective of the song. I'm its helicopter parent.

So when Kelly himself notices that a high school choir has adapted the song for its own use, I am naturally drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The sound quality is poor, the crowd screams at odd places, and the camera operator is clearly related to the guitarist, but, hey:

A high school choir just performed a kindie rock classic.

We should all be so lucky. What's next? Raffi on Glee?

PS -- if you have any detail which one of the dozens of Wilson High Schools across the country is actually responsible, please drop me a line...

Wilson High School Chorale - "People Really Like Milk" [YouTube]