Monday Morning Smile: "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" - Hanson

Y'know, I've always thought that "MMMBop" was one of the great pop hits of the '90s. The Hanson tune was seemingly everywhere when it was first released, and more than a decade later, it still holds up -- it's one of the most hummable meditations on change and mortality ever released. Anyway, they released a new album this summer called Shout It Out. The lead single "Thinkin 'Bout Somethin'" isn't a kids' tune (the singer's girlfriend has done him wrong) but it's not inappropriate, it is catchy, and the video, well, the video is a bunch of fun. (And if it all just looks vaguely familiar, you're right.)

What I'm thinking about is why they decided that they wanted to apostrophize 2 but not 3 of the words in the song title.

Hanson - "Thinking 'Bout Somethin'" [YouTube]

(After the jump, the song that kicked it all off. You know you want to hear it again.)
Hanson - "MMMBop" [YouTube]