They're Baaack: New Fresh Beat Band Episodes Start Monday; Season 2 On Its Way

FreshBeatBandGreatDay.JPGIt's been awhile since I've talked about The Fresh Beat Band, Nick Jr.'s live-action show with music that couldn't be more different from its other live-action show with music (Yo Gabba Gabba!).

But they're back, with four new Season 1 episodes running next week (January 11 through 14). And bringing joy (and probably some pain) to families worldwide comes news that Viacom's ordered 20 new half-hour episodes for Season 2. (Oh, and apparently you'll be able to buy "Great Day" and "The Fresh Beat Band Theme Song" on iTunes soon.) So, yeah, folks, they're not going away.

The network's summaries of the four premiere episodes from next week presented (mostly) without comment after the jump. They're pretty amusing read aloud, but I suppose so would a summary of a Lost episode....

Monday, Jan. 11 – “March Our Way”
The Fresh Beats are leading the school parade, but they can’t seem to march in a straight line. Instead, they march in different directions, crashing into each other. So, they decide to lead the parade Fresh Beat style, transforming into a dancing, hip hopping marching band!

Tuesday, Jan. 12 – “Glow for It”
The Fresh Beats are performing at the moonlight block party, but as soon as their performance begins, all the lights go out, and the Fresh Beats need to figure out a way for the audience to see them. Taking a cue from Marina’s glow-in-the-dark drumsticks, the band makes glow stick costumes and the party becomes a glow-in-the-dark extravaganza. Ed: Safest. Rave. Ever.

Wednesday, Jan. 13 – “Rock to Sleep”
Shout finds a bugle inside a box of his favorite cereal and he can’t stop playing it, even refusing to go to sleep at night. The Fresh Beats try all sorts of things to get him to sleep – they rock him in a hammock, walk his bed around the neighborhood and even sing him a lullaby, but Shout is still wide awake and intent on playing the bugle. Finally they decide to rock out, Fresh Beats style, and Shout is so exhausted from playing that he promptly falls asleep.
Ed: The idea that cereal boxes still have toys in them -- and a bugle to boot -- puts a stupid grin on my face. Really, it's kinda cool in a retro way.

Thursday, Jan. 14 – “Rhyme Time”
Twist is rapping at the picnic, but when he can't find a word that rhymes with music he loses his voice. The others make up silly words that rhyme with music and Twist gets his voice back just in time for the picnic.