Share: "Best of Hullabaloo" - Hullabaloo

First a holiday album, now this: San Diego-area folk-rockers Hullabaloo are offering their new Best of Hullabaloo album for free in the month of February. As one might expect, it's a greatest hits compilation and, yeah, it seems to hit all of the band's highlights from their first six years. The band thanks Stroller Strides for making the download possible, though exactly how is not clear. (One presumes the dozens of shows they've played for the groups have probably won them a few fans in the sippy-cup-toting set.) As long as you have an e-mail address to share, go here to download it, or just click on the links below...

<a href="">High Roller by Hullabaloo</a>

Track listing:

1. High Roller
2. Dinosaur in My Backyard
3. Ants in My Pants
4. Sippy Cup
5. Things Change
6. Everybody Clap Your Hands
7. Blah, Blah, Blah
8. Little Bird
9. Polite Pete
10. Mama Llama
11. Run Bunny Run
12. Mama Don't Allow