How Long Does It Take To Go Cross-Country By Tricycle?

I've followed the Tricycle Music Fest at the public libraries of Charlotte and Mecklenburg Country, which brought some pretty big-name acts to that North Carolina neck of the woods -- They Might Be Giants, Gustafer Yellowgold, Father Goose, Lunch Money, Frances England, and so on. So it was with some sadness that I noted this past summer that the event was taking a hiatus.

But never fear, Tricycle fans -- San Francisco is filling the gap. That's right, Tricycle Music Fest West is coming to San Francisco in October, Charlotte tricycle and all. No big national names, but for an area with so many great bands/musicians, you could put on a pretty good show with just local acts, and the Fest has. A big October 10 show and the main library will feature Charity and the JAMband, Frances England, and the Hipwaders, along with the Time-Outs, and the Devil-ettes and Pip-Squeak-A-Go-Go. Charity, Frances, and the Time-Outs will also be playing shows at local branches.

Yay libraries! Yay music at libraries! Yay tricycles at libraries! (OK, I'm still working on that last one.)