Grammy Voting Now Open: So Vote, Please

A brief note for you NARAS members looking for guidance on your Best Children's Recordings portion of your Grammy ballot, which hit members'boxes about a week ago. There are lots of really good recordings on the list. (There are some really good recordings that aren't on the list, too, but that's another issue entirely.) I've already seen probably a dozen artists promote their album via Facebook, and I'm sure there's more, too. (I can handle lobbying for Grammys -- it's the lobbying for the Top Kids Music Albums of All Time Poll that I dislike.) But look around here -- there are a number of good albums on that nominations ballot that have been reviewed on the site that will give you some guidance as to what to listen to further. And if you're eligible for NARAS and want to vote on the final ballot -- you still have time (Nov. 2, to be exact).