Austin Kiddie Limits 2009 Preview

In years past, I've done a much more thorough job breaking down the Austin Kiddie Limits stage at the Austin City Limits Festival. This year, you're going to have to make do with a more abbreviated post.

Which doesn't mean the lineup isn't worth the effort; on the contrary, it's the most solid top-to-bottom lineup in the event's history. Anybody with a kid in tow at the festival can stop by at any given point and be guaranteed to hear something worth hearing, either some great artists for kids, or some kids doing amazing stuff. Here's the schedule -- some live YouTubery after the jump.
In the interest of time, I'll skip the kids doing amazing stuff -- Loose Cannons, Stoosh, Paul Green’s School of Rock All Stars, and Quinn Sullivan. The School of Rock will rock as hard as anybody on any of the other stages. Anyway...

Lunch Money (Friday 3:30; Saturday 3:15) -- happy happy, joy joy. Dance like crazy, folks.

Lunch Money - "Tiny Dinosaurs"

Milkshake (Friday 2:30; Saturday 12:30) -- I haven't actually seen Milkshake and their pop-rock live, so I'm looking forward to them for that reason alone. They will rock harder than they do in this soundcheck.

Mr. Leebot (Saturday 11:30) -- Making Austin proud, is Mr. Leebot. Get your 8-bit on.

Mr. Leebot - "Robot Dance"

The Q Brothers (Sunday 12:30) -- The Q Brothers always help out with the scratch table workshops, but they'll do another set of their hip-hop again. Here's a clip from their performance last year.

Q Brothers - "How It Was"

Ralph’s World (Saturday 4:00, Sunday 1:30) -- there's really no such thing as a headliner at the kids stage, but Ralph is definitely the biggest star up there. Great pop-rock and he brings it live, to use a phrase no 4-year-old fan of his would ever actually use.

Ralph's World - "The Rhyming Circus"

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo (Saturday 2:30, Sunday 2:30) -- I love Skidoo's beats and rhymes. He knows how to work a crowd, too, so I think this could be one of the most energetic sets of the stage.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "I Like Fruit"

The Telephone Company (Friday 1:30, Sunday 11:30) -- Another Austin band made good. Maybe they'll play songs from their Panda Brain album, the Chinese Democracy of the kids music genre. (Which I say with great affection.)