Peter Himmelman's Curious World Less Than 72 Hours Away

... or even less depending on when you read this. Peter Himmelman's Curious World is set to premiere on Sunday at 11 AM Central time at the Land of Nod website. I was already kinda excited for the show, and yesterday I saw the show's trailer (below), which does nothing to diminsh the excitement...

The show list after the jump...
SEPTEMBER 27th: Imagination
OCTOBER 4th: Animals
OCTOBER 11th: Friends
OCTOBER 18th: Too Much Stuff
OCTOBER 25th: I'm Bored
NOVEMBER 1st: Things are Strange
NOVEMBER 8th: Sharing
NOVEMBER 15th: Your Amazing Body
NOVEMBER 22th: Family
NOVEMBER 29th: Adventure

What? No shows about trampolines? Green kites?