The Decemberists Play... Kids Music?

A band whose leadoff single from their latest album featured a narrator singing about how he killed his three kids might not be my first choice for playing for kids. Until you suggest that it's Portland's Decemberists. They're kicking off the "You Who" series, a new monthly "children's rock variety show" co-created by the band's Chris Funk. The second-best part (besides, you know, the Decemberists), is the "beauty salon where kid's [sic] are the stylists and then go on parade!" And if they get Spoon's Britt Daniel to play, I might just have to fly out to Portland.

Update: More details on the series here

And, you know, since International Talk Like a Pirate Day is tomorrow, here's a video from a band I once compared to the Decemberists, Captain Bogg & Salty.

Captain Bogg & Salty - "Pieces of 8ight"