You Know, Mindy, Peter Himmelman Has Some Theme-Writing Experience...

PeterH_XM_Studios_lowres.jpgSirius-XM's Kids Place Live has been busy as of late, what with a whole bunch of folks filling as Robbie Schaefer heads for Uganda on a KPL-related mission. And you've got people like Peter Himmelman stopping by in advance of the release of My Trampoline later this month. As previously noted, the album is the first from Minivan Productions, whose head Dan Perloff is there in the photo along with Mindy Thomas, whose Absolutely Mindy show is looking for a theme song.

Specifically from you, the kids music community. (Or I'm sure she'd be happy to have Spoon write something, too. But I think she wants you.)

The song should be about 30 seconds to one minute long, recorded to CD, and snail mailed and postmarked by August 14th. Mindy will (try to) air all entries received throughout the week of August 17 to the 20, and a final song will be chosen on Friday, August 21. The winner themester will be interviewed live on Mindy's show and have their winning song played every afternoon "UNTIL WE GET TIRED OF IT," as Mindy puts it. (The fine print entry details can be found here.) I think artists should enter just for the chance to be interviewed live by Mindy.

And who knows, maybe Himmelman was there in DC he was cooking up some ideas for a post-Land of Nod-related theme. (And, er, he's scored a bunch of TV shows.)

Photo courtesy Sirius-XM Satellite Radio