Video: "Bubble" (Live) - Mommie

If that last live video was thrashy, this live video is not. Not every song on Mommie's debut album Mommie's Dearest (review) is about vehicles. On the album, "Bubble" takes a very dreamy cast, but in this live video from the past weekend, it has more of an alt-country sound. I like the rapt look of attention from the boy on lead Mommie (so to speak) Doug MacMillan's left. (I also like how MacMillan steps to the side during a portion of the instrumental break to let the videographer capture the rest of the band). Not every band could keep a crowd during a North Carolina rainstorm...

Mommie - "Bubble" (Live)

Mommie - "Bubble" from Mann's World on Vimeo.