House of Kids: Blah Name, Decent Series

In the second piece of news from today regarding corporate behemoths trying to cash in (more) on kids music, word this morning that LiveNation is starting the "House of Kids" music series at he Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza this fall and winter.

Forget the press release text that says "House Of Kids is aimed at bringing parents and kids together through a shared appreciation of live music, as well as fun and educationally enriching activities." House of Kids is about figuring out what to do with a large venue that sits empty for a good 16 hours or more each and every day. The first 4 artists -- Justin Roberts & The Not Ready For Naptime Trio (October 17), Father Goose (November 14), The Sippy Cups (December 5) and Gustafer Yellowgold (January 9) -- are definitely promising, though $20 per ticket ($70 for the series) is a price range that could only work in New York City. (And, to be fair, each show will also feature performers from the Big Apple Circus, guest storytellers, child performers, fire safety education from FDNY, and more.)

Now if only we could get Justin Roberts to record a live album so that the Irving Plaza location could join all the other Fillmores that have been graced with a Live at the Fillmore designation.