Video: "Bowl of Cherries" (Live) - Rhythm Child

Putumayo Kids' Picnic Playground tour wasn't much of a tour -- just four or five cities, I think. They seemed to draw a nice crowd, though, if this video from Rhythm Child's performance in LA was any indication. This video features Norman Jones going all quadruple-time on his "Bowl of Cherries" (which will sound familiar to those of you who have "Pick A Bale of Cotton" imprinted on your brain thanks to Raffi or Leadbelly).

The song's on the Picnic Playground, as well as on their upcoming album of the same name. (By the way, you can download a free mp3 of "The Shaker Song," which isn't necessarily a favorite of mine -- "Cherries" is a lot better -- at Rhythm Child's website.)

Rhythm Child - "Bowl of Cherries" (Live)