The Best Newsletter (Noizeletter) in Kids Music

I never got around to reviewing The Ballad of Phineas McBoof, the first album from Doctor Noize, Cory Cullinan's more animated alter ego. But somehow I got onto his monthly newsletter -- or, as Doctor Noize calls it, his "Noizeletter," natch. I'm on a number of artist newsletters, obviously, but this one has a higher chuckle ratio than most. In latest newsletter, Doctor Noize talks about the Absolutely Mindy theme song contest:

So listen next week for my version and the theme songs submitted by other listeners, many of whom are little kids sending in adorable stuff. And no matter what anybuddy says, Mindy does not have off-air heart-to-hearts with her life-size poster of Zac Efron in the studio in between songs. I don't know where you even heard that, but emailing that to everybuddy you know is definitely how rumors get started.
OK, setting aside the whole "anybuddy/everybuddy" thing, I'm amused by that. You might be too...