Video: "The Patience Bossa" - Perry Farrell & Deborah Harry

One of the cooler tracks from the Tor Hyams-compiled (and recently re-released) A World of Happiness is the Perry Farrell-Deborah Harry duet "The Patience Bossa." As with other kids' songs, the potentially annoying fact that it's a fairly overt message song ("patience = good," natch) is very much ameliorated by the fact that it's a pretty cool song. Farrell and Harry each do a good job with their roles in the song (Farrell, unsurprisingly, is anti-patience 'til the end) and the bossa rocks. The video, directed by Gary Oldman, may have a bit too much Farrell and Harry and not quite enough, you know, kids for the whole family to adore, but it's kinda cool anyway.

Perry Farrell & Deborah Harry - "The Patience Bossa"