Here Comes Science's Theory of Exclusivity

The previously-reported Sept. 1 release date for They Might Be Giants' Here Comes Science CD/DVD set does come with a caveat, apparently -- that date is for an ("dual-exclusive"?) release. The full-scale release isn't set for until Sept. 22. I know, I know, those seem like pretty big exclusives, like premiering a movie only in California, New York, and Illinois. But now you know that your local Sam Goody won't have it available for $22.99 until Sept. 22.

You also know (assuming you finish this paragraph) that the band will indeed be adding new videos to their popular "They Might Be Giants Family Video Podcast" in August 2009. Good times with surreal handpuppets, or will John and John find a new medium for the new release?

For what it's worth, the track listing after the jump...
1. Science Is Real
2. Meet the Elements
3. I Am a Paleontologist (with Danny Weinkauf)
4. The Bloodmobile
5. Electric Car (with Robin Goldwasser)
6. My Brother the Ape
7. What Is a Shooting Star?
8. How Many Planets?
9. Why Does the Sun Shine?
10. Why Does the Sun Really Shine?
11. Roy G. Biv
12. Put It to the Test
13. Photosynthesis
14. Cells
15. Speed and Velocity (with Marty Beller)
16. Computer Assisted Design
17. Solid Liquid Gas
18. Here Comes Science
19. The Ballad of Davy Crockett (in Outer Space)