Dan Zanes' Fine Friends Are Here DVD Set For Sept. 22

FineFriendsAreHere.jpgI previously mentioned how Dan Zanes would be releasing a live concert DVD, The Fine Friends Are Here, and now we have a few more details, like that DVD cover art to the left. We also have a release date (September 22) and even more importantly (because, you know, that cover art spends 99% of its time hidden on the shelf), we have tracklistings and even more goodies to report.

What goodies, you might ask? Think audio...
The package will include a 4-track audio CD featuring unreleased DZ tracks, including a duet with Zanes' daughter Anna. (No word on the track listing yet.) Anyway, here are the details on the visual goodies...

DVD track listing:

Concert videos filed at the Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn
Let’s Shake
Fine Friends
Wabash Cannonball
Water For the Elephants
Jump Up (with breakdancer David Alan a.k.a. Cyclone)
Cape Cod Girls
El Canario
The Welcome Table (with spoken word artist Caridad de la Luz a.k.a. La Bruja)
Thrift Shop
Monkey’s Wedding
Catch That Train
Walking the Dog (with David Alan a.k.a. Cyclone)

Music videos
Wonder Wheel
Pollito Chicken (with Caridad de la Luz a.k.a. La Bruja)
Night Owl