Appear on TV. Check.

I've been on TV before, though I think every single one of those times involved screaming loudly at the camera in response to a particularly exciting play at a collegiate sporting event. A couple weeks ago, however, I appeared on Phoenix-area TVs talking coherently and at a rational volume. The folks at Raising Arizona Kids magazine, who interviewed me for their May issue, also produce a weekly segment for our NBC affiliate and on Memorial Day, I was the featured person. That segment is now online, which means that in just 56 seconds you can see Miss Mary Mack talk, me and my kids and my neighbors' kids dancing, and special brief appearances from Recess Monkey, Laurie Berkner, the KC Jiggle Jam, and Caspar Babypants. You can also see me giving me these odd sidelong glances that give me the appearance of thinking something like, "Is that an alien landing on our front lawn? I can't quite tell but I need to finish answering this question first."