Peter Himmelman and Milkshake Team Up, Sort Of.

GreatDay.jpgYou know, I had this cover for Great Day, the upcoming album from Baltimore-based band Milkshake, but didn't yet have the tracklisting. On the other hand, I've had My Trampoline, the next album from Peter Himmelman, for awhile now (for a few more details from six months ago, go here). Neither item by itself was probably sufficient for a post. (I do have standards, you know, hard as that may be to believe sometimes.) But I've found the link, folks.

Both albums are coming out on August 25. See? That justifies this, right?

Oh, anyway, the tracklisting for My Trampoline and some other intriguing Himmelman-related news after the jump.
1. Imagination
2. King Ferdinand
3. My Trampoline
4. Florie Loves Flowers
5. Ten Billion Blades of Grass
6. Endless Green
7. Pin Head
8. Main Dish
9. Statistical Factoids
10. Are There Any Kids Named Steve Anymore?
11. Workin', Playin', and Dreamin'
12. Lullabye With Baseball and Trains

Also of interest, two other Himmelman-related items...

First, My Trampoline will actually be released on the new Minivan Productions label (there's nothing there yet). Headed by music industry veteran Dan Perloff, the label "aims to become a brand synonymous with quality artists who are doing some of the most engaging children’s music today." Besides reissuing Himmelman's other family CDs (out of print thanks in part to the collapse of Rounder's kids label), Minivan also plans a compilation series of "kid-friendly songs by well-known artists who don’t usually record children’s music." While those compilations are, frankly, a dime a dozen these days, I'm intrigued to see what (or more accurately, who) else comes aboard the Minivan label.

Second, Himmelman will also be featured soon on “Curious World”, a web broadcast for children produced in conjunction with Hoosick Falls Productions and Land of Nod. (The name is a play on Himmelman's Furious World web series.) Should be a hoot and a half.