The Next Best Thing to Jack's Big Music Show Season 3?

Well, Jack's Big Music Show is no more, but at least the fans that make up Laurie Nation will get to see Laurie Berkner return to Noggin. On Sunday, July 12 from 7 'til 8 PM East Coast time, Noggin will premiere the Laurie Berkner Band starring in Let’s Hear It For The Laurie Berkner Band!. The special features 17 music videos from the band, including three brand-new videos -- “My Family,” which was created exclusively for NOGGIN and is not available anywhere, plus “Five Days Old” and “Fast and Slow (The Rabbit and the Turtle)” from Rocketship Run!.

I don't have a TiVo, but I'm thinkin' that a lot of TiVo-in' households are going to save this one.