Doug Snyder Invites You To Learn The Blues

The latest Land of Nod Nodcast Podcast is up, and this time it features Doug Snyder, chief Jellydot. As with all the Nodcast Podcasts, Snyder tries his hand at writing a Nodcast Podcast theme, plays clips of some of his popular songs, and gives a sneak preview of a new song from the next Jellydots album (an album titled Jelly Jukebox). The song is called something like "Adventure Quest," and it's definitely in demo form, as Snyder points out, but should sound sweet when stuff like real horns are mixed in. Snyder also gives a guitar lesson, teaching a blues song, so you aspiring guitar kiddos (OK, and aspiring adult guitarist, too) can join in the fun. (The Fresh Air bit will probably go over the heads of anyone under the age of 25.) Listen or subscribe to the podcast here.