Listen To This: New Music from Elizabeth Mitchell

This has been a long, rough week for me. So what better salve than new music from Elizabeth Mitchell, whose kids music has been part of my kid-filled life from just about the get-go. Head to her Myspace page to hear a couple new recordings. "Little Spring" is a quiet melody (albeit one that builds over its sub-2:00 runtime. "Under the Chestnut Tree" sounds a bit like the Shins (or your other favorite slightly minimalist indiepop band) doing a Japanese folksong -- in other words, totally awesome.

Go listen to them now because they're only going to be up for a couple days. Mitchell says there'll be another new song next week.

Update: Bill reminds me that he and Ella chatted with Elizabeth Mitchell and the rest of her band in February, including "Spring Song." Go there or here to listen to the song and details.