Live Video: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

SA23Skidoo.jpgThe next entry in a series of posts from this weekend's StinkFest 2009. More to come!

As a reminder, J.P. Stephens from the band Lunch Money has given me his permission to use his photos. All photos here are his unless otherwise noted; and if you want to see more of his work, visit him at Lumos Studio.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, aka Cactus, rolled through Jalopy like he owned the place. His attitude was one of the more relaxed ones during the weekend. But he also made some of the more direct points of the day -- for example, why couldn't people figure out a way to have kids music concerts during the week when lots of kids went to see the new Hannah Montana movie during the week, too?

SA23Skidoo might've turned down a good paying gig in his hometown of Asheville, NC to come up to Brooklyn to play a free gig, but Asheville's loss was KindieFest's gain. Along with his friend William Sharp on vocals and KindieFest co-producer Tor Hyams doing whatever weird dancing he was doing, Skidoo turned in a dynamic set that had the crowd, which at this point had been there for close to 12 hours and had already heard 7 other acts, on their feet. "Gotta Be Me," that anthem of individuality and self-acceptance, might've been the overall high point, but the single most gratifying song for me was probably "I Like Fruit," a collaboration with Jeff Fuller from the LA band Egg, who flew in just to perform this one song. The combination of East Coast rapper and West Coast folk/pop-rocker seemed entirely natural in this new kids music world.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo with Jeff Fuller (Egg) - "I Like Fruit"

More pictures and one more video after the jump...

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - "New Day"

Finally, this last photo's from me -- this is SA23Skidoo sitting next to Jeff Fuller early in the conference. Lest you think he was furiously taking notes (like, say, me), he was drawing something...