KindieFest 2009: Final Thoughts

StinkFestFeet.jpgSo now that StinkFest has officially become KindieFest, I just wanted to gather everything KindieFest 2009-related in one spot. From the awesome photos used with permission of J.P. Stephens from the band Lunch Money (visit him at Lumos Studio) to my initial thoughts on the day to my notes on all the showcase performers, I wanted a collection. (Plus, I dig the shoes.)

Having said that, the collection is poor, if only because so much is missing -- Molly Ledford and Ashley Albert leading a songwriting workshop with the kids in attendance; listening to those kids perform the song; walking down the street to pick up a fresh sandwich and looking up to notice HEY! IT'S THE MANHATTAN SKYLINE! But it was an excellent day of meeting people and talking about the genre's future. Kudos to Tor, Bill, and Stephanie for putting it on. If you missed it, join in at the KindieFest Ning community.

And kudos to all the kids musicians who hopped on stage with Ralph's World to do "Sunny Day Rainy Day Anytime Band."

Full set of artists' links (in the order I posted 'em) after the jump...
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo (feat. Jeff Fuller from Egg)
Lunch Money
The Jimmies
Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could
Ralph's World
Mariana Iranzi
PaulGreen School of Rock All-Stars