Pre-Video: "I've Got A Laugh" - Debbie and Friends

I'd seen a pre-production video of Debbie and Friends' "I've Got a Laugh" a few weeks back and thought, huh, that might make for an interesting post.

And then Debbie sent me some animation art. Sold.

There's nothing earth-shattering about the song, but I do think it's an effective echo song that's easily memorized and repeatable at home. I'm also impressed with the amount of work that goes into good video production. really enjoyed her video for "Hangin' Around" more than I thought I would, so I'm eager to see what the final product looks like.

Debbie Cavalier - "I've Got A Laugh" (pre-production version)

A couple more pieces of art from the video after the jump.
This makes me think they're in jail and somebody's picking them out of a lineup, but it's really just a reference document comparing characters' sizes.


The rotating Debbie (and her animated hairdo) amuses me.


My favorite of the character animations.