We Are The Not-Its, and We'd Like To Show You Album Art

Skating in with their new album later this summer (you'll understand what I mean in a moment) are Seattle's The Not-Its. We've been talking about them for almost a year now, but now their debut album We Are The Not-Its is just about ready to go. Besides the music, what I like about the band is that while I know they've been pushing to get the album out to the world, it hasn't been at the expense of other things, like album art. For their debut they partnered with Seattle design firm Invisible Creature for the album art, and it looks reeeeeallly cool.

Track listing and album art (the skating reference will become self-evident) after the jump.
We Are the Not-Its! track listing:

1. We Are the Not-Its!
2. Come Play At Our House
3. When I'm Five
4. Helicopter
5. The Great Compromise
6. Dressin' Up
7. B.A.T.H.
8. I Love Camping
9. Watch Me Share
10. Let's Birthday
11. Wompa Weeda
12. Shadows