Readers Who Need Readers: Baa Baa Buckle My Shoe

It's time for another edition of "Readers Who Need Readers," in which the Zooglobble hive mind helps one of our own track long-lost songs...

1998 -- bell bottoms were the rage, people loved Grease in the theatres, and a little comic strip named Garfield made its debut.

Oh, wait, that was 1978. 1998 was the year we spent a lot of time thinking about President Clinton and arguing over whether Shakespeare in Love or Saving Private Ryan was the better movie. (To my neighbor's chagrin, I firmly believe the former, although the latter isn't without its moments.) It's also the year a Zooglobble reader spent some time listening to a couple songs lost to the mists of time... She writes:

I’ve been searching for a couple of children’s songs that I used to play for my son (about 1998-1999). One was a version of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” – but it was just music and animal sounds (plus a cow bell or two), no lyrics. The other song was called (I think) “Buckle My Shoe Rap” and featured a rapper and a kid rapper. I thought it might be LL Cool J, but all my searches have been in vain.
So how about it? I'm stumped... it could be anything, and since it predates my immersion into the genre by a couple years, it's not in my collection. (I've got a number of pre-2000 albums, just not these.) Can anyone help?