Kids Music Goes Commercial

I was walking somewhere the other day and out of the corner of my eye - or whatever the audio equivalent of that is - I caught a TV ad with a familiar song. The song? Great Lake Swimmers' "See You on the Moon," being used to sell Honda Insights...

Of course, a 30-second clip can't adequately describe how awesome the song is, awesome enough that it became the title track of a decent kids-comp and then got repurposed for an even better kids-comp.

The Jellydots' "Bicycle" got picked up by Shimano for a bike ad last year, and Kira Willey's "Colors" got used for a Dell ad, too. And beyond that?
Ummm... nothing... Seems like there are a lot more opportunities.

It makes you realize how vastly untapped the kids music genre is as part of the broader media landscape. Sure, Justin Roberts' "Get Me Some Glasses" was featured in a World Series broadcast, but how long will it be before another Barry Louis Polisar hits the big time...

So, any suggestions for songs that are screaming for ad placement? I find it hard to believe that somebody can't find a good use for The Hipwaders' "Educated Kid" somewhere, for example. Whether or not the artists think that going commercial is a good idea, I'll leave it to them (and their fans) to decide.